So, summer seems to have finally arrived here in the UK and now that we’re into the month of June what there’s no better time to get the BBQ out of storage and dine alfresco with family and friends and boy do we need that after such a long year.  There are however many things to be aware of if your furry companions will be in the garden too.

I have compiled a short list of what I feel are the most important things to think about when organising a get together around a BBQ with the family pet’s safety in mind:

1. Keep the party food for your human guests.

Although it is very tempting, and your pets may be lingering around while those sausages are sizzling it’s vital that you don’t feed your pets from the BBQ.  Firstly, BBQ meats often have a high fat content and too much of this can lead to pancreatitis problems in your pet.  Often meats are barbequed that are still on the bone like chicken drumsticks and these bones can also cause blockages/perforations and choking in your animal.  Your guests may not have pets of their own so it’s best to remind them that alcohol should most definitely not be given to your pet and food like corn on the cob can be very dangerous for your pets as they are not digestible and can cause perforations and ulcers.

2. Set out clear boundaries and safe areas for your pets before guests arrive

I think of my pets just like children, they should not be left unattended whilst the BBQ is lit.  It is often better having a safe area for them to stay in whilst cooking on the BBQ.  Another good idea that I have tried and tested and seems to work is to time the pets feed with the time you want to cook or eat your BBQ.  A pet that has been fed may be less tempted to skulk around the BBQ or under the table looking for scraps.  Obviously, you may want the family pet to join in with an occasion but perhaps think about their menu beforehand.  There are lots of delicious and nutritious treats available for pets on the market and for hydration why not try ORALADE, that way you know they are only eating natural products that are not unhealthy or dangerous for them.

3. Be aware of poisonous plants

I know that when I entertain, I put a lot of thought into the ambience and not just the food therefore when it is alfresco dining this involves plants on the patio.  It is important when you have a family pet that you are aware of plants which are toxic to animals.  An easy internet search will help you find out and make you more informed about your choices.

4.  Keep a time set for your furry friend to leave the party

Again, this is very important as when the fun is going often the routines slip away that your pet may be used to.  It is important to have a time to make sure they are safe and settled for the night.  If it is hot and you are maybe keeping the pet indoors while you continue entertaining outside, make sure the area they are in is well ventilated and they have some form of hydration.  Heatstroke is another common occurrence at this time of the year so small steps can help prevent serious illness.

I hope you will find these tips ensure that you and your pets have an enjoyable and safe summer season, Happy BBQing x