How Oralade rescued Prince

Prince’s story begins when the founder of Tyrone Husky Rescue  Hayley, saw blood in Princes’s urine so she took him over to her local vets to get him checked.  A blood test was taken and Prince was sent home with some antibiotics to treat for a UTI.   Normally after applying pressure to the site where the blood was taken from it should stop quickly, but in Prince’s case, this did not happen.

After researching and talking to a friend Hayley thought it could’ve possibly been VWD ( Von Willebrand Disease) which is very common in the Siberian breed. Following a return trip to the vet, Prince had some compression put onto the puncture site where the blood sample was taken and was sent home. The blood finally stopped around 3 am.

Before Treatment

Even though the bleeding had stopped, Prince was not in good form and was not eating much. Upon discovery of blood in his urine again, Hayley called out of hours at her local vets where they told her to bring him straight in and vitamin K was administered as a precaution just in case poison had been ingested. Price was tested for VWB disease and for poisoning but thankfully he was clear of both, but something was definitely still wrong with him.  His PCV (Packed cell volume) was extremely low at only 17%, normally a dog with a PCV of 35% or lower is considered anaemic. With Prince’s PCV so dangerously low, the vet opted for a blood transfusion and this is where ‘Niko’ Prince’s buddy from the rescue stepped up to help him.

After days in the hospital, Princes PCV slowly started to climb from 17% to 21% and then to 38%. During his days in the hospital, he underwent ultrasounds, X-rays, and had full blood work done. After all the tests it finally showed up that Prince has (ITP), Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia, this is where the body’s immune system attacks and destroys its platelets. After intense treatment in the hospital, Prince finally got to go home, his PCV levels were stable, he was sent home on steroids and had to be closely monitored with regular blood tests.

Months on a Prince is doing fabulously and has recovered very well, still on a very tiny amount of daily steroids partnered with regular intake of Oralade. He is back to his normal happy self!.

After Treatment

Oralade & Tyrone Husky Rescue

Tyrone Husky Rescue one of our local charities supported by Oralade.

All the dogs in Hayley’s care get Oralade either for a good healthy gut aid supplement or to assist with the recovery from illnesses like Princes.

Oralade is also used in Blood Donor organisations in the UK to help aid the recovery of pets either going through a blood transfusion or the pets being the donors.